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Who runs Notch Consulting?

Paul A. Ita is the principal of Notch Consulting, Inc. He has covered the rubber compounding and specialty chemicals industries for nearly 20 years. His first report on the global carbon black industry was published in 1990, while his first report on the global rubber chemicals industry was published in 1993. His statistics and conclusions have been widely cited in the press, including leading trade journals, the Wall Street Journal, industry associations, and the Websites and annual reports of Fortune 500 companies.

What does Notch do?

Notch Consulting, Inc. provides market research and business intelligence on a narrow range of industries, primarily focusing on specialty chemicals and raw materials used in the global tire industry. Notch's core industries are carbon black, precipitated silica, rubber chemicals and tire cord.

Notch Consulting, Inc. develops consistent and reliable supply and demand data for these industrial sectors, along with such crucial business intelligence as market share, capacity, utilization rates, expansion plans and pricing. This information is highly proprietary and developed exclusively for these reports.

Where does your information come from?

The data included in Notch Guide Reports are based upon both published and proprietary private sources. Publicly available data include foreign trade and production figures issued by governmental agencies and industry associations. Other resources include annual reports, analyst reports, trade journals, newspapers and databases.

However, this publicly available information typically is incomplete or inconsistent, which is why these sources alone are not enough to develop a complete and accurate picture of these industrial sectors. In fact, the real work only begins once all the publicly available data has been collected and analyzed. What follows is a series of extensive interviews with leading executives at both large and niche suppliers, as well as with their customers, distributors and suppliers.

Proprietary information collected during these interviews includes:

  • Market Size,
  • Market Share,
  • Industry Trends,
  • Expansion and New Investment Plans, and
  • Pricing Issues.
What about after the sale?

Another aspect that sets Notch apart is follow-through.

Notch's relationship with the industries covered is a collaborative one. As such, we don't view the purchase of one of our reports as a final transaction but as the beginning of an ongoing relationship. If you have questions about a report purchased from Notch, we'll be here to answer them.


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